Sound Squash

Sound Squash is a technology by Punchcard Engineering. It is similar to (but was developed without knowledge of) premiere Pro REMIX:


Sound Squash can automatically lengthen or shorten music to any desired duration. The algorithm does this by finding seemless cuts and recombining pieces of music. You can try it on your own MP3 below.


Original (3:14 = 194 seconds):


Shorter version (2:21 = 141 seconds):


Longer version (3:55 = 235 seconds):


We can really push the system, here is a tiny 46 second version:


And a massive 499 second (= 8:19) version:


Many thanks to Ciao Lucifer for providing their music! Check them out on Spotify.

Try it yourself!

Select a MP3 file (max 7MB) to process:

Desired length (in seconds):

Upload a file, set a target length, click "Squash"! Note: it takes a few minutes.


Can you put this in Davinci Resolve / Logic Pro / My Favorite Software?

I'd love to! If you work for one of the companies behind these editors, please reach out to [email protected].

Why does it take so long?

The Sound Squash algorithm was developed as a tech demo. It can be further optimized and integrated with other software.

Does it work every time?

No. Some music doesn't have enough repetition to be cut short or extended by our algorithm, and it will sound bad or fail completely. But in most cases, Sound Squash works reasonably well.

What is your privacy policy?

The file you upload is on a server for the duration of the analysis, and is deleted immediately afterwards. No human(s) look at that file. Some metadata is logged (like file size, length of the MP3, the target length) but nothing that could be used to identify anyone. Note that there is no https certificate for this page yet. Use this page at your own risk.

Where can I reach you for comments/questions?

You can reach me on [email protected].